This Portal

Singapore Exchange (SGX) made an announcement in 2014 on mandatory sustainability reporting for all listed companies. This was followed by a public consultation from 2015 to 2016 on the standards they were setting. The final Guide and rule was announced on 20 June 2016.

To support companies in their efforts to produce sustainability reports, this online portal provides companies with the information relevant to sustainability reporting. Here, companies will also find specific resources that are able to assist them with producing sustainability reports compliant to the SGX Guide and rule.

The Workshops

Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS) has been appointed by SGX to organise one-day workshops to help listed companies prepare their sustainability reports in accordance to this new Guide and rule.

As an organisation that firmly believes in the spirit of collaboration and building partnerships, GCNS is working with a group of experienced Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate sustainability advisory companies to facilitate this as a community.

Sustainability Reporting

A sustainability report in its most basic form is a report about an organisation’s environmental, social and governance performance. “While there is no internationally agreed on definition of corporate sustainability reporting, it is generally understood as being the practice of measuring and disclosing sustainability information alongside, or integrated with, companies’ existing reporting practices. Sustainability information can be understood as any information having to do with how companies use and affect financial, natural and human resources, and how their corporate governance is conducted.” (United Nations Environment Programme) For more information click here.