SGX has conducted 2 sessions of the Sustainability Reporting Roundtable for Directors of Catalist Companies. The first session was held at Singapore Sustainability Academy on 14th September 2017 and the second session held at SBF Center on 21st September 2017 with the support of GCNS.

SGX gave an overview of the sustainability reporting requirements and guide. Catalist companies that have already produced their sustainability reports shared practical first-hand experiences about their sustainability reporting journey, hurdles faced and benefits reaped in the process. Sustainability professionals and consultants were present as well and provided useful tips on what it entails to produce a sustainability report.

The sessions were well received and response was overwhelming. SGX is now organising a third session to be held at SGX Centre on 24th October 2017.

To find out more on the first two sessions, click here.

Directors of Catalist companies who wish to sign up for the third session can send an email to

For more information on sustainability reporting, click here.